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Predeterminado Miami Circle

By Eleazar Delgado

Unearthed in 1998, this archaeological site is regarded as being of local, regional, and
statewide significance and perhaps even of national significance, as it is believed to be the only cut-in-rock prehistoric structural footprint ever found in eastern North America.

Hundreds of holes were exposed in a layer of Oolitic limestone bedrock, twenty-four of the
largest holes comprised a perfect circle, 38 feet (12m) in diameter and excavation found a variety of artifacts ranging from human teeth to ancient tools.

It is believed that the Tequesta Indians, a local tribe whose known tools matched some of the
shark tooth-related artifacts found during excavation, inhabited this site. Theorists have suggested that the holes were structural postholes or part of the foundation for a building.

Some believe the building was used for ceremonial purposes, as animal bones and unused tools
appear to be offerings.

Eleazar Delgado
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