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Foros24h.comCustomer satisfaction


en Black Hat en Cáceres
Creado: 17/3/2023

Customer satisfaction   Despite all the effort and money poured into CX tools by companies, customer satisfaction continues to decline. In the United States, it is now at its lowest level in nearly two decades, per data from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). Consumer sentiment is also at its lowest in more than two decades. This negative dynamic in the customer-centric...

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en Black Hat en Ceuta
Creado: 22/1/2023

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en Black Hat en Zamora
Creado: 22/1/2023

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Foros24h.comBeta and Passive Risk Management


en Black Hat en Asturias
Creado: 16/1/2023

Beta and Passive Risk Management Another risk measure oriented to behavioral tendencies is a drawdown, which refers to any period during which an asset´s return is negative relative to a previous high mark. In measuring drawdown, we attempt to address three things: The magnitude of each negative period (how bad) The duration of each (how long) The frequency (how often) For example, in...

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en Black Hat en Barcelona
Creado: 26/11/2022

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Foros24h.comOscillator Signals


en Black Hat en Badajoz
Creado: 28/5/2022

Oscillator Signals Oscillators generate buy and sell signals in various ways. Some signals are geared towards early entry, while others appear after the trend has begun. In addition to buy and sell signals, oscillators can signal that something is amiss with the current trend or that the current trend is about to change. Even though oscillators can generate their own signals, it is important to...

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