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Antiguo 15-04-2013, 10:44:46
Novat@ de Foros24h
Registrado: abr 2013
Posts: 4
Predeterminado Descubre como ganar miles de dolares mes tras mes trabajando desde casa

Necesitas dinero? o Simplemente quieres mejorar tu calidad de vida. Descubre como ganar miles de dolares mes tras mes y para siempre y conviértete en un experto para generar ganancias a través del Internet, desde cualquier parte del mundo solo necesitas ser mayor de edad y una conexión a Internet.
Registrate gratis en The Future of E-commerce is Here y ten acceso inmediato a los cursos gratuitos que te enseñaran como ganar dinero por Internet mes tras mes.
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Antiguo 16-04-2013, 12:27:52
Novat@ de Foros24h
Registrado: ago 2012
Posts: 5
Predeterminado siempre son engaños estos anuncios de quieres ganar dinero

Pues eso, que son engaños, nadie te da como decían antes duros por pesetas.
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Antiguo 22-04-2013, 00:23:13
Novat@ de Foros24h
Registrado: sep 2012
Posts: 5

Me parece que si fuera tan fácil como decís ganar miles y miles de dólares, todos en este foro tendríamos más dinero. No hay que engañar a la gente amigo...
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Antiguo 25-04-2013, 23:12:37
Principante de Foros24h
Registrado: dic 2012
Posts: 128

Hola monje, me parece que deberías interiorizarte mas sobre este tema. Muchos economistas y gente de negocios ha hablado alguna vez de lo que es generar mas dinero. un ejemplo claro, Jacobo Gordon Gurtel.
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Antiguo 06-05-2013, 05:38:48
Novat@ de Foros24h
Registrado: abr 2013
Posts: 4
Predeterminado No hay que verse derrotados antes de ir a la guerra

Me da mucha pena que haya gente como el monje y jose julian que piensen de una manera tan mediocre, ni siquiera han intentado averiguar de que trata el negocio de ganar dinero por Internet y ya hacen comentarios pre juiciosos, aparte esto es Internet no perdían nada en intentar y averiguar de que se trataba en Internet lo único que es engaño o estafa es cuando las personas se dejan llevar por su ambición, bueno espero recapaciten chau
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Antiguo 13-06-2014, 18:35:43
Novat@ de Foros24h
Registrado: jun 2014
Posts: 20
Predeterminado Easy Money On Internet!!

I WAS SHOCKED WHEN I SAW HOW MUCH MONEY CAME FLOODING INTO MY PAYPAL ACCOUNT. I turned $3 into $11,006 within the first 30 days of operating the business plan that I am about to reveal to you free of charge." Please do not be skeptical about this program. At least think about it for a few days. Otherwise you will be throwing away over $10,000 in cash!

There are a lot of companies out there offering to put you in your own business, but I'm so certain you will make a SERIOUS INCOME with what I am going to tell you that I'm willing to roll up my sleeves and help you begin - RIGHT NOW!!
Remember, I am not asking you to send me a single penny for the lucrative business project I am about to share with you. In addition, you will not be asked to buy anything or sacrifice your free time. You will make some fast and easy cash, using just a copy of this email and the simplest and most popular Internet payment system in existence!
You have most likely seen or heard about this project on TV programs such as 20/20 and Oprah Winfrey, or you may have read about it in the Wall Street Journal. If not, here it is below - revealed to you in step-by-step detail.
This is the FASTEST and EASIEST way to earn serious money online that you've ever seen so far in the history of the Internet!
This program works no matter what country you are in, or what currency you use. It doesn’t matter how old or how young you are. And you certainly won't need any special knowledge or talent. You won't need to run a website, or make phone calls, or make photocopies, or send out letters through the mail, or pay for advertising, etc.

The only things you will need are:
 An email address
 A Premier or Business PayPal account with at least $3 deposited in it
 30 minutes of your time

This program takes just half an hour to set up. After that, there is absolutely no work whatsoever to do on your part. And yet, you will stand to gain many thousands of dollars within the next few weeks from those 30 minutes of easy work! Yes, I know, it sounds too good to be true! I thought exactly the same thing myself until I actually tried it out!

Please be sure to read all of these pages . . . take your time, come back to it . . . go over and over it, you won't be sorry, I can certainly promise you that!

If you don't have time to read all of this now, then save this email so you can come back to it later.


Just about everyone has heard about "PayPal" (if you haven't you will soon!) and when I came across this concept I knew it would work because, as a member of PayPal, I had already experienced their efficiency and excellent standing. PayPal is the simplest method of making and receiving payments online that anyone has ever seen! Anyone with an email address can join for FREE! Once you have a PayPal account, you can send and receive credit card payments to or from anyone - anywhere in the world! Please read further before you go there... You can complete this whole process within just half an hour and you will NEVER forget the day you decided to do so!!!

NEED PROOF? Here are just 3 testimonials from the countless individuals who decided to invest nothing more than $3 and half an hour of their time to participate in this program:

“What an amazing plan! I followed your instructions just 3 weeks ago, and although I haven't made 10 grand yet, I'm already up to $6,135. I'm absolutely gob smacked." Alan Humphries, Leicester

"This is Lisa. Well, what can I say?... THANK YOU SO MUCH! I sent 40 e-mails out like you said and then I just forgot about the whole thing. To be honest, I didn't really think anything would come of it. But when I checked my PayPal account a week later, there was over $3,000 in it!
After 30 days I now have over $11,000 to spend! I can't thank you enough!" Lisa McDonald, Northampton

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Ok, if you're not already a PayPal user, the very first thing you need to do is use the PayPal link below and SIGN UP. It takes two minutes!

Here is the URL


Be sure to use this link so you can sign up for a free PREMIER or BUSINESS account. You'll need to have a PREMIER or BUSINESS account (and not a PERSONAL account) otherwise you won't be able to receive credit card payments from other people.


It is an undeniable law of the universe that we must first give in order to receive. So the first thing to do when you have your Premier/Business PayPal account is to IMMEDIATELY send a $3 payment from your PayPal account to the FIRST email address in the list below, along with a note saying: " Please add me to your mailing list." Be certain to add this note, as this is what KEEPS THIS PROGRAM LEGAL. Instructions on how to send a payment are under "SEND MONEY" at the PayPal Site. It's so Easy!! When you send your $3 payment to the first address in the list, do it with a great big smile on your face because..
"as you sow, so shall you reap!"

Here's the current list:


(1) vitaguzman@yahoo.com
(2) tecnicell.technology@gmail.com
(3) jaslb25@yahoo.com
(4) boynton2go@yahoo.com
(5) pklsgmt@yahoo.com
(6) leebob7878@btinternet.com

STEP 3: Once you've sent a $3 payment to the address at the top of the list (along with your note - this is VERY important!), the next thing you need to do is copy all this text onto an email message, as you'll be sending it out to at least 40 people.

VERY IMPORTANT - The copy that you will send out will contain YOUR unique PayPal referral URL and YOUR email address at number 6 in the list – having deleted the address at Number 1 in the list, and moving the others up a position.

The easiest way to do this is to:
(A) Go to your toolbar (at the very top of the screen) and select EDIT and then SELECT ALL.
(B) Go to the toolbar again and select EDIT and then COPY.
(C) Start (compose) a new email message (PLAIN TEXT so everyone can view it!).
(D) Fill in your email address and subject line.
(E) Go to EDIT and PASTE to paste this text into your new email message. Now you can edit this email message in any way you want!

The first thing to edit is the email addresses in the list above. Delete the top email address, and then move the others up a position, and then add YOUR email address to the bottom of the list (the number 6 position).
Be sure to use your email address that is associated with your PayPal account. But DO NOT forget to send $3 via PayPal (along with your note!) to the email address at position number 1 before deleting it! Don't be tempted to add your name to position 1 in order to earn money fast! It doesn't work like that! If you do that, you will ONLY reach the people you directly send emails to, and then your name will be immediately removed from the No.1 place and you won't reach thousands of people! But, if you add your name to the Number 6 position, there will be literally thousands of people receiving and sending email's later - when your name is at the Number 1 spot!!!

Now you need to edit the PayPal referring URL (shown above in Step 1) with your own PayPal referring URL. You can find YOUR referring URL at PayPal after you join. Just look at the bottom of the first page once you sign into PayPal, and click on the "referrals" link. You will be given a referring URL similar to the one above, except the code number at the end will be different.

Simply delete the current PayPal referral URL in Step 1 above, and replace it with your PayPal referral URL.

Once you've edited your email message as outlined above, send out a minimum of 40 copies of this email. You can advertise it any way you want but NO SPAM!!!
Let's assume that only 5 people do the plan from the emails that you send, and in turn they each get only 5 people to do the plan etc, here is the amount of people that will send $3 to your PayPal address in the number 1 spot:

(Your PayPal address in Number 6 position) = 5 responses.
(Your PayPal address in Number 5 position) 5 x 5 = 25 responses.
(Your PayPal address in Number 4 position) 5 x 25 = 125 responses.
(Your PayPal address in Number 3 position) 5 x 125 = 625 responses.
(Your PayPal address in Number 2 position) 5 x 625 = 3,125 responses.
(Your PayPal address in Number 1 position) 5 x 3,125 = 15,625 payments of $3 each to your PayPal account.
That is a massive $46,875 into your PayPal account for only a $3 initial payment. And that's based on only 5 people responding to the plan.

Imagine if 10 people responded!!!

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