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dgboy, el Jueves, 13 de Marzo de 2014 a las 19:02h
#DANCELIFE! RENZO has been an avid dancer since the tender age of 6. He fell deeply in love with movement upon his first encounter with Michael Jackson, and has not looked back. His performances are 1 part R&B, 1 part merengue and 1 part killer dance moves. Along with Nucleo Extremo - a Dominican Republic based dance troupe - RENZO continues to choreograph and dance his way from one day to the next. Popping, locking and backflips are his specialties. This month he's gracing his Instagram friends with a peek into a #dancerslife. Every day, RENZO will post a unique video showcasing some of his moves. Dust off your dancing shoes, because he'll be asking fans to get involved. The catch? A really cool giveaway. Stay tuned!

RENZO's #ThirtyDaysofDance - YouTube

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dgboy 38 años

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