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Predeterminado Eleazar Delgado's GULF STREAM reveals the role this body of water plays in Florida

By Eleazar Delgado

The Gulf Stream is a powerful, tepid and swift Atlantic Ocean current that starts at the tip of Florida. It acts as a water heater by warming the planet through circulation.
Historically, sailors have avoided its clutch, not understanding how to harness its power. Once understood, it cut the trip across the ocean by 2 weeks time. This harbored in the conquest of a new world.
It is like a raging river within an ocean, bringing warmth and life. Wider than the Mississippi, and gushing millions of gallons of water in its flow it dwarfs the rivers we are used to seeing on land. This magnanimous rush of water is forever moving from the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico to the North Atlantic, then eastward and down the west coast of Europe toward Africa and ultimately back to the seas of its origination where the process is born again.

Eleazar Delgado
Eleazar Delgado Studio - Artist - Miami, FL | Facebook
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